Friday, June 18, 2010

This and That!


Today, I am going to make a rug out of these loopers.  I took 2 handfuls of each color and I threw them in the floor, mixed them all together and the put them in this box.  I am going to try and not pay attention to the color order, so that it can be truly haphazard.  If I finish it today I will post a pic.

Threading continues on the new loom, I had to fiddle a little with the threading so that the stripes show up where I want them to in the background of the overshot design.  I am interested to see how this effects the overall design.  I guess it will be my variation of this design.  I have ordered the parts I needed to replace on this loom, I can't wait to get her in action. 

The Tuesday Weavers are having our first Weaving Weekend.  Activities have been planned that everyone can participate in.  These include, Inkle weaving, a plainweave design and a pick up design.  A taste of Tablet weaving (you can see my new Inkle looms warped and ready to go with some simple bands),  Lou Ann is going to have John ready for Tote bags.  Any one who wants to make one is to bring their own weft.  Then there is the pool and screened in porch for relaxing.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a project to work on if they want to.  I will be bringing my spinning wheel and some fleece, if anyone wants to take it for a spin.

Several of us ordered Bamboo thru Carol, she was putting in an order and asked us if we needed any.  I am ready to get started on my challenge scarf project for December.  Here is what I will be using.  I haven't quite worked out the details, but I think it will be fun.

That is all for now, I must go out and feed the critters, and walk the dogs before I can start my work day.  Have a great one, and be ready for pictures from our weekend, it looks like it is going to be fun.

First one done, second one going well!

Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

Uh-oh....if you had to order parts, I guess that means that the spacers I brought you didn't work! I'm so sorry! You'll be happy to know that John is up & running. I've started a "dinner rug" for the kitties that will be finished this morning. The warp looks great, by the way! I'm looking forward to working on the inkle.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a fun time. I hope to get there for Sat. afternoon, after lunch sometime. Someone else(sister-in-law) has other plans for me. Hold on to your hat, I would like to look at the spinning wheel-Tina.

Maggie said...

I want to get your scarf in the exchange! That's a pretty combination!

Theresa said...

Have a great time! The looper rug looks very happy!