Saturday, June 12, 2010

Knotted & Twisted

One of the realities of weaving is that "throwing the shuttle" is just a small part of the craft!  For most of us, it is the favorite part of the process.  It's almost hypnotic....Zen like....the rhythm of throwing the shuttle, beating the cloth, treadling the next shed and starting the process again.  And we will do that until the phone rings, we run out of weft or our bum needs a break!  My sister often tells me that she would like to weave....but she just wants to throw the shuttle!!! 

  Ah...reality!  Plan the project, wind the threads, wind the warp on the loom, thread and sley, tie on....yep, that's just for starters!  Then, you have the soothing rhythm of the loom.  The thrill of cutting off the warp is next....followed by finishing the project.  I had four rugs that just came off John.  I spent last weekend knotting and twisting the fringe on two of the rugs.  I had lots of help, of course!  Cece acted as the weight to keep the rug in place while I knotted and twisted.  She also thought it was a fun game we were playing. 

The rug for the porch is already in place....I love how it looks!  I often find Zuzu taking her nap in the sun on the new rug.  And, I've got one of the shorter rugs finished and it's hanging over the stairwell wall.  My great-niece is getting one of those for her bedroom in her new home.

That's two down....two to go!

  You know what this means don't you?  I have two new projects going on looms at my house!  Last weekend I had pictures of the warp that Tina helped me wind on John.  I have gotten half of it threaded so far!  (I have never claimed to be fast!)  And, I have all of the afghan project weft in the raddle, and I've been winding it on the loom.  That's a rhythm, too! stick....tug on the chain! 

This is one place I do NOT want any knots or twists!!!

I have plenty to keep me busy this weekend....and for the coming week.  I'm really looking forward to our Weaving Retreat next weekend.  I really should dust.................
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

The rug looks nice. Don't you love it when a plan comes together. Do, dusting is not necessary.

Anonymous said...

If you dusted, we wouldn't feel like home, you know? Get your looms ready. That's more important. Love the way those rugs look! It's a beautiful pattern and nice, soft colors.

Tina said...

I like the different tasks there are to weaving. It keeps me from being in one position too long!

Linda said...

Dust? An antiques dealer I know says dust is a protective covering!

I love the rug!

I get asked, " How long does it take to weave?" I just know they also mean throw the shuttle, too.

Maggie said...

That's three "no to dusting." Make mine the fourth!