Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unexpected event

This week I had that gorgeous hot pink on the loom. Talk about fun to weave. It made me smile and wove off nicely. Then everything changed!
Wednesday afternoon I was in the studio when my DD called. She'd been at the gym with her trainer. She'd been on a platform and reached down below her feet to pull up the lever to pull up 130 lbs. Well, she lost her balance and fell off. She went one way but tried to go back and I guess was balanced on her left knee. She was ok except for her knee. I picked her up and got her to her doctor. Thursday morning she went to the orthopedic clinic and got x rays and a knee brace. She is on crutches as well. This Thursday she will have an MRI. The suspicion is that she injured her MCL and tore her ACL. She is not allowed to drive for awhile so I am back to chauffeur. Isn't that always the way, you're about to really get into the swing of production and the warps ahead of you are all ready to go and something stops it. Physical therapy starts tomorrow morning.......I'll be in the car alot. Good thing I have a basket of things to do when I go. I've got a stack of old Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot that I'm ripping up for the articles I want to save. Then there's the basket of finishing work to do. I weave yardage and then cut and sew clothing. I do alot of handwork on the pieces. I won't sit there doing nothing!

I did get to the studio yesterday afternoon for several hours and wound a couple of warps. One is still on the warping board. I thought I'd show how I wind my warps. I wind my warps on back to front which means I use a raddle to spread it out before winding on the back beam. I count my warp by inches, ie 12 epi means there are 12 threads in each section or inch. I count right at the cross. I think I'm killing 2 birds with one stone, counting the threads but also making it easy to put the inches in the raddle since they're already in groups of 12. I don't care how many threads there are altogether in my warp. I used to teach first grade. I'm good at math counting and subtracting to 10. I don't like big numbers. They scare me. So I figure I've got a warp 20 inches wide and I'm doing each inch 12 epi. Numbers I can deal with! I also have the cross tied off so once the other warp is on and off my loom, I'll get this warp on. Hopefully it'll be this week yet.

This is a different royal blue warp that I've just started winding onto the loom. I've got my sticks propped inside the loom waiting for their turn to be wound on.
Another thing that's happening this week is that I need to start sewing a baby quilt. Friends are in the process of adopting a baby. The time is not up yet when the birth mother can change her mind so Thursday at midnight, we'll all be able to breath again and I can start that blanket. That'll be the deadline for her to say anything. My DD is also adopted so this family is very dear to my heart.
Today it's cloudy but warm compared to what it's been for the past few weeks. Hopefully it will continue. I saw a couple of tiny flowers in some weeds this morning! Spring is on its way!!!


LA said...

So sorry to hear about DD's injury! Knees are wonderful things until they get banged up! I'm in love with that blue warp! What thread is that? It has such a nice sheen to it.

Bonnie said...

Getting geared up for production. That warp is pretty and would be fun to work with.

Maggie said...

You know which warp I like the best, and it isn't the blue! That's a shame about Katelynn! I hope she's feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be that great hot pink would it?!
I know that Cathy would love the 2 blue warps. It's just great fun to work on different colors all the time. The yarn's mostly cotton with an accent yarn that's meant for knitting but works great in a warp as well. I got a bunch of it when a knitting store went out of business. However, the best colors are about used up and I'll have to get creative with the rest of it!
Also, finally got around to reading today's paper. LouAnn, you're a star!

Tina said...

I was just going to rib Lou Ann as well! We are so proud! I love the blue warps, and no excuses, I just do.
Sure hope DD is doing well. Is she coming on Tuesday?