Monday, March 15, 2010

Gone for a manacure. Hold the nail polish!

Today I took my two little goats for a hoof trim at the vets. I felt a bit peculiar being there with all the cats and dogs. I definately don't have your average run of the mill pets! In case you didn't know, goats make great pets! My two are Nigerian Dwarfs. They are 19 inches at the shoulder. I have seen some dogs larger than these two little guys! They are fun to watch and always make me laugh. This has been a long and busy day for me.

I am still working on the studio. Right now I am painting the living room and hall. It is finally beginning to look good! Someday I will show you before and after pictures.



LA said...

Did they get a French manicure???? Those are so cool! I bet you had fun! Glad things are progressing on the studio!

Tina said...

How did they do? Do they walk good on the leash?
I just got a head collar for Wally. I am trying stuff to curb his exuberant greeting style. I love it! All you need is a light touch and it gets the message across.

Tuesday Weavers said...

These two do great on leashes.They get excited when they see me with them. They seem to know I am taking them somewhere!Esau actually jumped into the van.I bought the largest pet carrier I could find and transported them in that. It worked pretty well but they still managed to get the goat berries on the carpet. LOL.


Maggie said...

You keep taunting us with pictures! We're going to have to sneak up on you out there and take them ourselves! Bring paint chips today, at least!

Bonnie said...

They are so cut. Keep up the work on the studio.