Monday, March 29, 2010

Love is in the air!!

The goats on the left are my goats! They are Nigerian Dwarfs. The one on the left is Esau and the one on the right is Emma. Aren't they cute? Goats are fun. They have wonderful personalities! Yesterday, I discovered my Emma was in heat so I arranged for her to have a "date". This morning I took her to meet Cori's Fancy Prince Edwin. He is the goat on the right in the picture on the right. What do you think? Handsome?? He is chocolate brown with blue eyes. Emma wasn't sure he was the one for her and it was fun to watch as she played hard to get but in the end I believe they got the job done. Time will tell. In five months I hope to have at least one little one running around here!
When I took Emma out of the van I left Esau behind. He wasn't too happy about being left. Goats are herd animals and don't do well alone. I thought I had latched the crate well but I guess not. When we were almost at the barn where the buck was, my friend Patty looked back and here comes Esau running at top speed to catch up with us! I was a bit nervous at first. I wasn't sure how he would react being on a strange farm not in a fence. He did great! He stayed right with me and never left my side! Goats are so fun. Hmmmm, I wonder if goats and weaving go together? Three of us have them!


Tina said...

Great pics of the goats Linda, I will be taking my does in April. I have too many trips this summer to worry about milking goats!

LA said...'ll be a Grandmother again???? LOL They're cuties!

Anonymous said...

They are cute! Esau must be something. Loyalty's a great thing!

Maggie said...

Do goats usually have twins the way sheep do? We even had a few triplets this year!

Anonymous said...

Esau is really something. He will stand still and let me brush him for as long as I want. He likes to be scratched behind his ears. Sometimes he acts more like a dog!

Yes, goats can have twins and triplets. I wonder if I will get any with blue eyes?


Bonnie said...

Wow. I am learning so much. The only thing I know about goats is that one would chase my mother in our back yard. I was a small child of 3 or 4. It was scary to me. These guys are so cute.