Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday update.

Once again it is Tuesday! A bunch of us are here at the center working on various projects.

Last week I cleaned, lubricated and tightened up my empty loom, so that this week it would be ready to roll.

Carol had found a warp she had wound who knows how long ago, we found it as we were organizing a bit. She thrust it at me and said "Here, this is your next project." It is for hand towels, with a really sweet rosepath design on one end.

Here it is in the raddle, getting ready to start winding on. Normally I go thru the reed, then heddles and then wind on, but with no room to maneuver in back, I chose to wind on and then thread from the front.

Wally, of course was his usual helpful self. Once I got it wound on I realized that I would need to rearrange the heddles a little on the harnesses, and since there wasn't time to complete that today, I will leave that for next week.

I am always delighted to see what the different wefts do to this rug warp! Here Alan has taken a weft heavy in rust and used it in this blue and brown warp. Beautiful!

Bonnie is making great progress on her lace hand towels.

Here is part of our last carpet warp order. There are 2 more boxes under these! We use it a lot around here. Not only for rugs, but also for place mats and mug rugs too.

I didn't want you to think that Wally sleeps the whole time we are here. Here he is trying to get to me. I had gone away from my loom to help someone else. Imagine that! How dare I! What you can't really see is that he is "sitting" in a box, a broken box now!

We miss those that couldn't make it today, but we keep plugging away trying to empty our looms as fast as our 4 hours here a week will let us, dreaming all the time of the next project we will undertake on that loom or maybe the looms we have at home. We all do have at least 1 loom at home, usually more than that. It is a sickness you know.

Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

It WAS a wonderful day at the Center! I can't believe I ran out of weft! I was going to cut some last night, but got sidetracked. I will be ready for next week. I think we should do our after lunch walk every week!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I didn't make it today. I was painting ceilings and myself!


Bonnie said...

It was a good day. Wally had us laughing. I got a towel just about done. Yeah! Now for the next one.

Life Looms Large said...

Wally cracks me up!!!

I just awarded your blog the Kreativ Blogger award here. I know there are lots of you, so hopefully some one will pass the award along. (Or maybe we can all learn 7 things about each of you! It took me a long time to start figuring out who's blogging about what!)

You guys look like you have so much fun!


Hilary said...

I love Wally........
I think you should put names by the pics over on the right...so we can see who is who.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget those awesome rugs that Maggie'd finished and brought in! Now we all have to weave shag rugs!!!! Fun, fun!