Friday, March 12, 2010

And they are off!

Sometimes in the life of a rug warp you have to take some of the rugs off, for whatever reason. Maybe the cloth beam is getting too full and bumping up against your legs, or maybe, as is the case today, you need to get a long promised rug off and to it's rightful owner.

Before I cut the warp I weave a couple of inches after the last rug. Insert a stick, weave a few more inches, insert second stick and again a few more inches of plain weave.

When I cut the rugs off I am left with this very sturdy edge to lash onto the front apron.
I fold the two sticks together and lash them on.

Here we are ready to weave again!

Now for the rugs. There are a couple of colorful fabric rugs. My favorite being this teal and orange.

Here is a close up of a blue and white print fabric rug, and the loopers with squares rug, which turned out way shorter than I thought it was going to be!

And finally the rugs
I had to get off the loom, the blue jean rugs.

These will all have to be cut apart and hemmed to be ready to go. I am always amazed at what a change in weft materials does to a warp. Hard to believe these all came off the same warp.

Dear Wally is sporting the cone of shame. He was neutered yesterday and has proved that he can not be trusted to leave that itsy bitsy incision alone. Poor thing!

That is all from my house, the bread cloths are on the loom, just need to work out some kinks, (as always, what is it about math I don't understand) and they will be ready to go. I haven't touched the vari blue/ black chenille warp yet, maybe I can get to it this afternoon.

My only full day of working upstairs in the studio without interruption is Friday. I also can count on Wednesday afternoon and again on Saturday morning. All the other days have other things going on. Once in awhile I can sneak up and get some stuff done, but not usually.
I love Fridays.

Happy Weaving, Tina


Life Looms Large said...

Great rugs! I love the one with the orange in it also!

Not the shade of doom!! One of my dogs couldn't even walk with it on. She'd just lie still and shake because she hated it so much.

Happy weaving!

LA said...

Poor Wally....but it's for the best. Parker used to act like he had lost his mind when he had to wear the cone. We were lucky it was only for a few days! The rugs look GREAT!!! How long was that warp?

Tina said...

It was a 22 yard warp, so far I have gotten 6 rugs off of it. I think I will be seeing what this warp can do for a little while yet!

Maggie said...

I like that technique for cutting them off. Weftie is trying desperately to get out of the bedroom, but I want him to rest instead of Bella chasing him around the house. His incision is tiny, too, and it's just glued together.

Theresa said...

Wally has the sympathies of every male dog in this house! They want Wally to know that no matter how much he licks around there, they don't grow back.
The rugs are great! Wow, you must have had a pretty stuffed cloth beam.
Beautiful work.