Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ta Da!!!

When you are weaving, do you catch yourself already thinking about the NEXT project? As I was finishing up the rug with the dark weft on John, I was trying to decide what would be next. (I have to confess's Lent, after all....that the colors of that warp would not have been my choice. I bought John with a warp already wound on...and on...and on! I'm from good Scots-Irish descent, and we don't waste anything if we can help it!) As the header was being woven in, a plan for a tote for my laptop was taking shape. Since I also needed pockets inside to carry my cords and mouse, I would need some fabric. After taking measurements of my laptop, I starting weaving just the fabric with two strands of thread in the twill pattern. I wove about 20" to use....just in case. Then I started on the body of the tote. I have a ton of that pink fabric, already cut, that came with John, and I decided to use it. This is not a fashion statement! My tote will be easy to spot in a crowd! But, the more I wove, the better I liked it.
Now for the fun part! I took 4 yard strips of the fabric, and wove each one in. I marked the middle of each strip, and lined that mark up with the middle of the "tote." After the strips were woven in with the leftovers hanging on each side, I wove a few more inches. At this point, I made a round braid on each side using the fabric strips. A clip holds the braid until you're ready to weave those ends back in. They will meet back in the middle of the tote.

Ta-Da! A tote for my laptop! Yes, I know it's not finished, but I'll get another rug started and cut off what's on the beam this week.

On the homefront, Tony & Bill finished my bench....hinge and all! They want the paint to cure for 24 hours before I sit on it, but I can't wait to start loading that space up with the jars I have stuck everywhere! Now I want new cushions for the bench...................

I got my new issue of Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot yesterday. There's a nice write up on the Wind, Rewind, Weave project at the KMA on page 9. Tommye, over at Works In Progress, blogged about her experience weaving this week, too. I'm going over for the lecture on Wednesday, and I weave on Thursday. Wow! A busy week ahead!
Happy Weaving, y'all!


Bonnie said...

WOW! I love that tote. Yes it is a fashion statement. What is that book that is open in one picture? You will have to bring it in for us to see. Can't wait. You are going to love that storage area. Now you stay off that bench till it drys.

LA said...

Bonnie...the book is: 200 Braids to Twist, Knot, Loop or Weave by Jacqui Carey. Although I had practiced making the 4 strand round braid, I had the book nearby while I braided. I'll bring it Tuesday.

Tina said...

Lou Ann, you are a wonder! I love what you have done with that warp! I bet it would look just as good using yellow or purple, since those colors are in the warp too! Bags for the website? I can't wait to see it put together!

I just love seeing what everyone is doing.

Anonymous said...

Love the tote. I'm glad you explained how you did it because it's an awesome idea!
That bench is great! So, got a plan mulling in your head about what to weave for cushions for the bench? So many ideas, so little time!

Maggie said...

That's so cool. I have to try that handle trick! I love that warp, too, but I know you'll be glad to see it go.

Life Looms Large said...

I love those springy colors! They'd go great with my pink laptop! (I wanted blue, but the blue available in the model I ordered was so dark it might as well be black. So I got pink. It's great because when my husband's laptop is broken, he's less tempted to use mine - at least in public!)

Great idea with the handles. I saw a tote out of plastic bags that used that same method. Very smart!


Anonymous said...

I love your tote bag idea. You have such a great imagination and a gift for seeing a project in your head. The colors are just right for Easter and Spring.

The bench looks great. Looks like a great place for sisters to spend some time. :-)


PS. Special shout out to all the Tuesday Morning Weavers - I miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you weaving at KMA in the paper today - nice coverage for the exhibit, too.

And yes even a newby like me is dreaming of the next project as I weave.