Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's Have a Contest!

But first...I have some blogging to do!

Pat and I wove at KMA on Thursday. Just like before, I was amazed at how much woven cloth was on the beam since I was there last. The piece that was getting ready to go on the cloth beam was something else: a New Mexico sunset! All the colors that I had seen from my courtyard in Los Lunas on those warm summer evenings were in that piece. There's nothing quite like watching the sun set in New Mexico. To the person that wove that sequence, thank you! I was inspired by that piece and the one that followed, which used bobbins of mixed colors. I went for shades of purple for my sequence.

I wanted to get a new rug started on John so that I could cut off the laptop tote, and there was a roll of fabric in my stash that kept winking at me. "Find me a place," it kept saying! It's a HUGE roll about 6" wide. You can see it has stripes of white, pale pink and turquoise. It is working out nicely in that warp. Amazing! I think this will be a LONG rug!

The Tuesday Weavers were awarded a Kreativ Blogger Award by Sue at Life Looms Large. Thank you, Sue! We were inspired by the blogs we read (including YOU!) and we started one of our own. Unlike so many weavers out in the world, we are together once a week to share our weaving adventure, and support the Appalachian Arts Craft Center here in Norris, Tennessee. It's an exciting place to be.
From the comments we received, we found out that there is some curiosity out there in blogland about matching us up to our pictures. Since all the Tuesday Weavers are pictured in the bar on the right, and only six of us blog...........well, you get the picture! So, see if you can match us up!







Now, match up the names with the pictures: Lou Ann, Carol, Linda, Wally, Maggie, Bonnie and Tina.
Just put your guess in the comment section for this post, and we'll pull a winner out of a basket of correct guesses on Tuesday. The winner will be announced in Tuesday's blog. Oh, yes, the prize: how about a pair of Mug Rugs in the Tennessee Squares pattern woven by lil' ole ME! (It goes without saying that Tuesday Weavers should NOT enter the contest....comments are always welcome, though!)
It's a cloudy's supposed to rain off and on....a little on the chilly side....sounds like a good day to weave (or work on taxes.)
Happy Weaving, y'all!!!


Tina said...

That warp on John is great! Once you figure out what the warp likes, you have got it made.
I wonder how the readers will do with the contest? I hadn't thought about them wondering who was who.
This will be fun!

Anonymous said...

Having the contest is a great idea!
Rug will turn out wonderfully well! Got my Handwoven today, later than others. I hope Bonnie got hers before she left on her trip for more ideas on double weave!
Ok, it's a rainy kind of day out there. I chose to work on fussy cutting 6 1/2 inch squares for a baby quilt!

Sylvie said...

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