Tuesday, May 31, 2016

All In A Day's Work

  Say "hello" to our newest weaver, Joan!  She was one of the participants at the felting workshop a few weeks ago. 
  Her first job was to choose two colors of 8/4 for her first project...it's harder than you think to only pick two!!!  She got her warp wound, and will dress her loom next week when she brings her own table loom.

  Meet Norris resident, Ms. Betty.  She used to weave at the Center, and even sometimes will come wind a warp on the board.  She found this piece of coverlet at the bottom of a trunk, and brought it to us.  It is VERY fragile.  Tina and I rolled it up with plastic sheeting until we can find out how to preserve it.  It is a lovey pattern, and I can't wait to do some research on it.

  Marie checked the shelves in the shop, and reported that we needed MORE placemats!  All eyes turned to Sharon and Linda--how many do you have on your looms????  I think there were a dozen between the two looms!

   Tina is still hard at work on that mystery warp that was missing the cross.  She rough sleyed it in the reed, and is working hard at getting it wound on.   Whenever she disappeared from sight, that meant she was adding the weights before she did the winding.

Carol double checked the threading for the waffle weave towels on Jocelyn's loom.  I will get a video of her next week!!!

  Look carefully at the rug Carl is weaving....there were some purple jeans in that batch, and they look great in the rug!

  Frieda and Linda were set up working on their scarf warps this morning.  (BTW, Linda found her Schacht table loom on Craig's List!) 
  Lanny is coming right along on his wool/silk scarf.  He even brought his book about Scottish plaids to share with us today.

 I didn't catch the Ladies on their phones today!!!  There was some fine weaving going on the back row!

  And, Ms. Ila brought the hats that she felted this weekend to show us....WOW!  She is one busy lady!

  There were donations on the table when we came in this morning...they all found homes.
  Harriet had new pictures of her great-grand son to share....too cute!!!  And, Anna is back from California.  She had her little pin loom with her and was weaving away!
  Sharon found some lovely fabric for her newest quilt, and took a little time to cut it into strips.

Take a look at the warp beam on Pat's loom....
  Yes, it is getting close!

After lunch, Pat was ready to cut the rugs off the loom.

  Off they came, and roll them out!!!!  That's four rugs! 
  I think Marie reminded Pat that we need more placemats!  I guess she'll be winding a new warp next week.

Chalk this month up....May is finished!!!! 

We've got our work cut out for us the next few weeks.  October will be here before we know it!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Yay for green rag rugs! I stayed late and got that mystery warp all wound on, now I need to count the ends and pick a pattern.

Theresa said...

Well, that is a spectacular green rug! What a boatload of May weaving! Looks like June will be the month of placemats. :-)