Friday, May 6, 2016

What A Difference A Week Makes

  Last Friday was a picture book Spring day in East Tennessee.  Although it was a little chilly when we set up the tables, it soon warmed to an almost perfect day.

  Tina was up to her elbows in fleeces.

  Karin got to just sit and spin and spin.

  And, we have added a new weaver to our merry band of demonstrators!  Yes....I convinced my sister to weave with the kids on the rigid heddle loom.  I always tell people that you just need the cap and an apron, and you're ready to go!

  With all that free child labor available, they produced seven pot holders by the end of the day.  Folks kept asking my sister how long she had been weaving, and I think she really enjoyed telling them since "last night." 
 forward to was in the mid-forties when I got up this morning!  The blackberries are in bloom, which makes this "blackberry winter" to folks around here.  In fact, they had snow in the Smoky Mountains this week!

  When we got to the Center on Tuesday, someone had left a donation of some fabric on the table.  And, for some reason, this print really made me chuckle!  (After all, it's getting close to time to open the pool!)  I convinced Carol that I really NEEDed this piece....I could see a top for the summer in that print.  I had a piece of light weight denim and a piece of chambray to choose between to go with this piece.  Maybe it will be ready by next week!!!
  Sewing and weaving compete with yard work at this time of the year.  I found an unusual clematis to put out by the bird feeder.  I think the cool weather is about let's get those flowers planted!!!
Happy Weaving (and sewing and planting!!!)

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Theresa said...

God I love found stuff! For a minute I thought the print a take on the last supper. ;-)