Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's All About The Warp

  Molly managed to weave off the towel warp on the Leclerc....Carol proceeded to hand her another warp.  This one is a mystery.....
--no tag to ID it's length.
--both ends are cut.
--no cross.
  Was it meant to be weft....Carol doesn't think so.  It's just a mystery.

  But, Molly and Tina put their heads together and came up with a workable plan:  rough sley the reed and establish a cross.  Then they will tie it to the back rod and wind it on the warp beam.
  Wonder what threading they will use for this lovely warp. 
  Stay tuned!

  Carl's warp is behaving nicely....those blue jean rugs are looking GOOD!

  Lanny is almost ready to start weaving his scarf...maybe next week? 
  Bonnie finished her towel warp, and started to put on a new scarf warp....I'll get a picture of that for next week....great colors!!!
  Shirley started scarf #2, and Ms. Ila has started weaving the new shawl warp.

  Pat put together 3 pieces of fabric that had been donated to make the weft for her newest rug....it goes great with this warp.

  Threading a new warp can be a little slow...especially with all the distractions in the studio.  But, Jocelyn is working away on her waffle weave towel warp.

  Carol is getting another order together for more 8/4 thread.  And, there's planning for future warps that will need to be dyed in a couple of weeks!

   Thank goodness Sharon knows that we all work better if we have CHOCOLATE!!!!  Thank you, Sharon!

  Then, there's that rug warp that Tina wants to do at home....she just needed a rug loom.  Guess what we had in the Annex????  That little Cambridge loom just might be the ticket!  And, it fit just fine in the back of her car!

I guess we are a little warped around here..........

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

No Tuesday would be complete without the run down AND chocolate cake.
I would love to find hand dyed 8/4 cotton. Why can there not be more cotton yarns dyed like so many of the wools I wonder?