Monday, May 30, 2016

Awesome Color

I do like the colors of the warps and skeins that I painted last week during our dye days.
The lighting is a bit weird in this part of the studio but the colors are pretty vibrant.
When you dye pale colors like some of our weavers do, it's easy to rinse the yarns after the color sets. I tend to go to the opposite end and use deeper, brighter colors. That makes for long rinsing sessions. When they're finally all rinsed and drying on the rack, I always heave a huge sigh of relief.
We plan dye days whenever someone tells me that they need to dye. This time it was because the Tuesday Weavers needed things dyed and they got a lot done. Since I was there as well, I planned 5 warps plus the needed wefts for projects. I like to decide ahead of time which dyes I will use so I don't end up only using colors I love like turquoise and raspberry and all the blacks. 
These warps are projects that I probably won't be weaving until September when I get back from Canada. But, they will be ready. Once dry, they'll be placed in big pails, warps and skeins, so that I just have to grab a bucket and know the yarn is all there. 
For now, I've been weaving ordinary colors like all natural to fill spaces in my booth that need to be there. Not the most exciting but a welcome addition to my booth.  
We're staying home today and working on our own projects so hopefully I'll get some progress made down there. 
I did sneak a couple of hours Saturday to pull out the bits I'd done on a quilt top. Hopefully I'll have some pictures next week of some real progress. I do want the top done by the time I go to Canada end of July so my sister's friend can quilt it for me on her long arm.
Until next week, keep weaving!

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Tina J said...

Lovely colors, I can't wait to see the new warps coming up in your September posts!