Monday, May 23, 2016

Another Dye Day

Last week Thursday and Friday we had reserved our space to dye. Typically for me, I took my iPad on Thursday and forgot to take pictures but I remembered on Friday.
We got a lot done Thursday with several people taking warps and skeins home to rinse. We had tried to get everything organized beforehand. Several people had wound warps and skeins to complete projects. It's pretty bad when you need a new project and there's a warp but no weft ready for you. So this time we were prepared. Once everything is rinsed, it will be nice to see complete projects in bins. We will threaten (ha) anyone who dares remove a skein from a bin to weave with something else.
Frieda was helping both days. I think this is the warp she wound on Thursday when we found we could use another one. 
We learned a lot from our class with Kathrin Weber and don't have to spread the warps out like we did before. Nice space saver! 
Ila is always a huge help. Not only does she help get things organized but she knows color and tells people what to dye if they're not sure. There's a reason she's called Sarge. She's a good mentor, too.
Polly is mixing some dye behind the counter. A lot of the time she was winding skeins or, as she said, taking care of the bar. She hadn't dyed before and was learning the ropes.
Betsy and Christy had a moment there where they were figuring out colors for the skein.
Darlene got several skeins painted. We had warps for placemats besides our usual scarves and shawls. Thinking about kitchen colors was a switch for us.
Polly got to finally dye a warp. Being by Ila was a good thing. Next time we dye, she'll be right in there with us, knowing what to do.

Ok, don't tell anyone but there wasn't anyone in the pottery room either day, so Christy set up Friday on their table. If potters had come in, she would have moved but this way she could spread out like she likes to and get her projects done.
I guess I didn't get any pictures of my projects but they're all down in my studio waiting to be rinsed. I'll start that today between weaving.
With the last skein painted and cleanup going on, we started to think about colors and what we could use in the stash. So we ended up ordering some more colors from Prochem.  We dye every few months, whenever we feel we need to get some more painted. With the new colors we just ordered and the extra containers on what we were low on, we'll have a nice selection to choose from. I love dye day!!
With the day ahead of me being mine to spend in the studio, I'm looking foreword to a productive day weaving and rinsing!!
Until next week, keep weaving!!


LA said...

Looks like a great group and some lovely warps!!!

Theresa said...

Well when you guys say you're going to have a dye day, you mean it!