Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Little Weaving....A Little Conversation

 Frieda, Roz and Lanny were weaving away on their looms....

......and the coffee klatch was happening in the kitchen.

  Betsy, Linda and Sharon prove that you can weave and talk at the same time!

  Pat kept weaving even when she
  was interrupted (by me!)

Carl stopped for a few minutes to catch up with Carol.

    Yes....I caught them on their phones!!!  Just like a bunch of teenagers!!!!

  If Marie got interrupted once, she was interrupted a million times!!!!  Even so, she got some lovely weaving done on her napkin warp.  Take a closer look:  she's using a sage green with a different tie-up.  Looks great!!!

  And, speaking of interruptions, I needed a few minutes of Tina's time on my dogwood warp.  I spotted what I thought was a big ole boo-boo, and wanted her to take a look.  Sure thing!!!  So, she showed me how to carefully cut the warp back to the new starting point.  (I really hate scissors near a warp!!!)  We took out about 8 inches, and I'll be ready to start back next week.

  So much going on, and we got to see a bunch of those new dyed warps!  What a great day!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

We have some nice colors on the looms right now, I love the variety.

Theresa said...

I second what Tina said. It's like a rainbow in there on the looms! Boy Carl really sails right along on those rugs doesn't he.
Glad you got your warp all fixed up.