Monday, May 9, 2016


Last week I hoped that I would be able to post some pictures of Okatie this week. It took a lot of doing but we managed to transfer some of the pictures from my phone to the iPad. Most times technology makes me crazy!

So there was this tree that DH's cousin had added a rope swing to years ago. The rope was still strong. He was a bit concerned about the branch it was attached to but it held. The cousin's wife, grandmother to these twins, also swung on it and it held fine. Oaks are strong!
I'm not sure how old this tree is but it's seen a lot of history, for sure. We didn't think to take pictures of a tree that was bigger and older than this one but you get this idea. There were quite a few old oaks here.
The space is very grown up in the last 10 years but there were still some paths near the water.
Love that moss. You can see the tail end of the driveway. 
This looks like a meadow but it's really part of the backwater that goes to the ocean. Tide was way down right when the ashes were scattered but it came up later.
Imagine growing up here or spending summers as DH did as a child. They had a rope to swing out to the water, they'd wade out into the water, cutting their feet on oyster shells and think nothing of it and dare each other to do all kinds of things.
Wonderful memories for them all and many stories were told as we wandered around. 
One thing we were glad not to see was a gator. We know there are a bunch of them further to the left, near a pond in the woods and probably in the water in front of us but they stayed away. 

The real down side is that we live so far away from this property. If the county goes through with making this a park, it'll be a wonderful location to spend some time in next time we get to head back to the low country.

Heading back down to get the warp woven off my loom, it's going to be a busy day of weaving.
Until next week, keep weaving!

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