Monday, May 16, 2016

Tapestry Class

The neat thing about being a Tuesday Weaver is the opportunity to have a teacher come in to teach us. Saturday and Sunday we had Tommye Scanlin come to teach beginning tapestry. There were 11 of us in her class. I began weaving doing tapestry about 38 years ago but hadn't touched it in 35 years so I was just as green as the other students.
Tommye was great. She spent the first morning taking us through the process of figuring out what to use for a loom and then warping it. We were all thumbs but by lunch we were ready to go.
Linda's sister in law came down from Chicago to take the class. She fit right in with all of us. Hopefully she'll be back soon and join us from time to time.
We worked from 9 til 4:30 both days. Tapestry is slow especially since we were learning the technical terms and techniques. However by the end of class, we all had made good progress.
Jocelyn's going to make a circle. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
Sharon got good angles.
Frieda was busy passing the bobbin between the warp threads. She had a nice little triangle woven but her hand covers it. Oops.
Bonnie had a fancy loom so she could have her notes right by her loom. 
Molly got to take the class as well and did great figuring out her angles.
I didn't take pictures of everyone, just the ones near me.
Here's all of us at the end of the day. Tired, wiped out really. Concentrating on new concepts will do that!!
And here's my piece, ready to cut off. The left selvedge is good but that right one got a bit wonky!  I'm glad it's done but I need to do more practice pieces before I try a "real" piece.
We had a good class but it just was a start. Irene voiced it well when she asked when we could haveTommye  come back. For 3 days this time, a bit more of an intermediate class. Tommye may start teaching at her place as well so we have options. Stay tuned for that.

We're going to be busy at the center later this week. We've scheduled Wednesday through Saturday as dye days there. We've got a lot of skeins and warps ready to dye. Theresa, we paint our own yarn to weave with. I wish you lived closer so that you could join us. We're not quite the blind leading the blind but we are learning as we go. It's not hard to do, just takes time and a space that can get messy. Rinsing afterwards is slow but we've learned some tricks there, too. Working together we help each other and we've been happy with the results. Just look at the warps on the looms that LouAnn takes pictures of each Tuesday!

For now, I'm heading down to wind a new warp on my loom. 
Until next week, keep weaving!


Theresa said...

Lucky all of you! Tommye is awe inspiring

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Great Post, Carol! I just posted to my blog a brief bit about the class... I'm going to link your post there right now. Thanks again for invitation to come work with you wonderful people. It was a distinct pleasure to be there!