Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Red Nose Day

  Thanks to Sharon, our Tuesday Weavers are promoting Red Nose Day!  The Red Nose Foundation promotes the empowerment of youth through arts....and we can totally get behind that!!!  Roz, who is not pictured today, works with an area class providing weaving tools and materials in the classroom.  Margi is involved with a summer enrichment program in an inner-city school this year.  She'll be weaving with 4th graders.  And, Tina and I demonstrate spinning and weaving at the Museum of Appalachia for school groups and special events. 
  You can read more about the Red Nose campaign at http://rednosefoundation.org/

  That's Margi on the right....I'm sure she was talking to Frieda about volunteering next week at school!  She was able to line up 8 of our weavers to help out during the week.

  Look at that lovely warp going on the loom!  It has such rich colors!

  I promised you a picture of Lanny's scarf....be sure to click on the picture to see it bigger!  Lanny loves to weave with that wool-silk blend.

  Marie, Betsy and Sharon got in some great weaving time today!

  Tina and Molly were able to get the troublesome warp ready to wind on today.  They were really intense back in that area of the studio!!!!

  Tina got the 8/4 order put away on the shelves.  Just look at all those lovely greens!!!! 

    While some of our Tuesday Weavers were busy in the Tapestry Class this weekend, Marie was at John C. Campbell taking a felting class.  This is the piece that will become a vest!

  And, meanwhile at home, Polly has been playing around with threading and treadling options. 

  This was Pat's project....a present for her niece using T-shirts that were full of special memories.  That is one lucky lady!!!

  What a wonderful way to spend our Tuesday!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I was busy back on that crazy warp and missed seeing Pat's quilt! What a wonderful keepsake!

Theresa said...

Well don't you all look special with those red noses. Warm and wet no doubt too....
Thank you for the link. I had never heard of it. And yes, I am green with envy over that 8/4 warp order.