Monday, May 2, 2016

Back at It!

We were gone all weekend to South Carolina. I wish I could figure out how to transfer pictures from facebook to blogger or pictures I took on my phone to this blog. We spent Saturday morning at Pritcher Point in Okatie. The place my father in law grew up and where DH spent many summers growing up, in the low country near Hilton Head. Just imagine the backwaters with the tide coming and going, huge, huge old oaks with a rope on one so the grandkids of a brother could swing and have a blast. The property was sold 10 years ago. The company went under so the property just sat there all this time. Anywhere there had been lawn is now full of trees. It's amazing how quickly things grow up down there.
We were there to sprinkle some of DH's parents ashes. The place was so special I had to mention it. What's interesting is that the family that lived there last had not been back in 10 years. You would think that the home would be trashed. The door was wide open, soon trees will be growing up in it but for now it looks the way they left it. A curtain in the bathroom was still there, some papers on doors, etc. They took them down and took them home, bits of memories. 
It's sad to see it so abandoned but it won't stay that way long. The county owns the property now. Plans are for an animal shelter and park to be built there. Hopefully a marker can be placed there saying whose home it had been. The old home is long gone, the one there now will be bulldozed to make room for the new buildings but the trees remain, the old majestic trees. There is an old oak tree near Charleston that is very famous. I'm not sure if at least one of the oaks at Pritcher Point isn't almost as old.
If I figure out how to transfer some of those  pictures, I'll try to post some next week.

So what's on the loom? Cotton yarns in wisteria, white and pink. It's a soft colored warp that's not my usual combination but will fit in nicely with the other items in my booth next show. I've got a whole list of warps planned. Hopefully I'll get a bunch of them done before the end of June!
Back to the loom, trying to get this warp woven in a timely manner and already thinking toward the next warp, it's life back to normal!
Until next week, keep weaving.


Tina J said...

It is special to go back to the old home place, I got to do that with both of my parents.
I found the graveyards with my ancestors very moving. As always I love your color choices!

erin said...

The Angel Tree!

Pretty projects! And look at you with those pastels going on! I am glad you and the hubby are back safe and sound.