Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One Of Those Days

 What a way to start a new month!!!!

We now have three empty looms that will need new projects next week. 

Jocelyn finished her placemat warp....you can see the sparkle in the picture!
  And, Shirley cut the last scarf off of the violet warp.  There was even some extra warp that she wove to use with the greeting cards.
   Although this wasn't Kayla's warp, she finished weaving it off and will be ready to start with her own warp next week.


  You can see Jocelyn hard a work earlier today as she finished up the placemats. 
  Carl finished the rug he started last week, and this last one will be much longer.

Lanny and Pat got the new strips cut for Carl's final rug.

It always goes faster when you work as a team. 

  Take a look at Lanny's newest woolen scarf!  Not only is it beautiful, but it's a dream to touch!!!!

Roz is weaving a scarf that men might like, too. 

Sharon is getting really good using her inkle loom!  We do love to weave.
  Harriet has been busy making project bags for knitters...those would come in handy!!!

  Cayce can get a lot of weaving tips from Linda!  Having so many experienced weavers is one of our best resources!

  Carol is always ready to help our newer weavers like Irene.

  Betsy's shoulder has healed, and she's back weaving rugs on the Studio loom.

  Linda is back from Costa Rica....you just can't keep her away from the loom!

  Polly was available to help Kayla earlier as she finished her warp.

  Another great thing about the Tuesday Weavers:  PIE!
  Tina brought a berry cobbler to share....you might even say it was brunch, since we didn't wait to dig in to all that berry goodness!

  Just another one of those great, weaving days!  Wish you were here..........

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

I wish I was there too! I mean come on, lots of looms, fiber, fun folk and PIE!
I forced myself to have a good day though without you all and shopped instead for a special weaving project at my fab LYS. Love that Pup so far LA. Thank you for the recommendation.