Monday, March 28, 2016

Getting Them Done

I've got four more rugs done. These are mostly rust colored. The rust with gray turned out to be a good combination. It seems that gray is the color these days, especially in home dec so using the gray that I had, the rug worked out nicely.
I had a fair amount of darker rust colors so this rug used a bunch of it.
Gradually transferring to a lighter shad, this one worked nicely with stripes of the darker shades.
Adding a bit of green changed the look of the rug as well.
So these four are done, inventoried, labeled and stacked ready to go when needed. It's good to get them done. I've got four left from that black warp to hem. The neutral warp has four done that I'll cut off this morning and leaves four left to weave. I really want to finish them today. I'm not sure that'll happen but that's the goal.
I only weave so many hours each day so had time this week to finish a quilting UFO. It's a kit I bought years ago, sewed the top and layered it. I actually did a bunch of stitching in the ditch but wanted to free motion quilt the long sections.
I finally finished that last week, sewed on the binding and now have to add a sleeve on the back incase I want to hang it somewhere all winter. It is Christmasy but can be just up all winter.
Not sure where I'll hang it but I still like it and will figure out where after the sleeve's on. Now on to that next wall hanging that needs to be free motion quilted as well.
That's all that's new here. The weather's turning pretty and it's tempting to be outside more and more. The mornings I'll weave but if it's nice, we'll see about the afternoons....
Until next week, keep weaving.


LA said...

You have really added to your rug inventory!!! Way to go! Now, do something FUN...just for YOU!

Tina J said...

I will always be amazed at how much weaving you can get done!

Linda said...
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Linda said...

You are on a roll!