Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A View From My Loom

  I really want to get this throw threaded so I can weave!  The only way I can do that is to keep my head down, and just do my five threads at a time....and, that was my goal for today.

  But, I also needed pictures to show what was going on in the Studio today.....this is what I saw:

  Marie had some tips for Michelle on fringe twisting....she's finished a lovely shawl.  There's always some catching up to do with the other weavers.

Ms. Ila helped Shirley get her new scarf warp ready to put on the loom.  You can see the new shawl warp on Ms. Ila's loom, too.

  Lanny was twisting the fringe on his newest scarf. 

  After lunch, Bonnie stepped in to help Shirley wind on the warp while Ms. Ila got her warp ready to wind on the loom.
  You can see Irene at the warping board winding a new warp.  She brought a friend to weaving today to see all the fiber fun.

   Carl is getting closer and closer to the end of that warp!  You can see the rugs on the cloth beam!

  And, I have to admit....I didn't get as much threading done as I had planned..........
  Tina dropped by with her grandson this morning.  You just have to put the threading hook down and enjoy the moment, ya know!!!!  What a cutie!!!

  The ladies that attended the Nuno Felting workshop last weekend brought in their finished items.  I think they had a blast!!!

Connie finished her warp, and she got it cut off the loom.  I think she's got one proud hubby!!!!

  Just look at the eggs from Polly's hens!  I can testify that they are first rate!  She is promising to make us crepes next week since the hens are laying so well! 
  I'm bringing the Nutella!!!

That's it for now.....have a great week!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

A proverbial hive of activity. Wow, that looks like a whole heap of rugs on Carl's loom. Love the felted items, so interesting to see how different everyone's is!
Maybe next week you'll finish up that threading! :-)