Monday, February 29, 2016

And more..

So I finished the last 3 looper rugs. They've been serged and added to the pile to be hemmed.
It's on to selvedges, waste from production of afghans and probably a lot of other things. It comes in big plastic bags in a bit of a mess. So there's prep work, finding the ends and then rolling balls. Sometimes it gets tangled and is a mess, but manageable. It's not as bad as shaking all the lint out of loopers and it beats in much easier as you weave.
I've got my pile on the floor and it's good to see what works together as I pick balls to weave. Some of the balls are pretty big. Those tiles are 18 inches. 
 I've got the last 4 rugs on the warp and another warp planned. I'd love to get most of the selvedges woven.
Also, I do need to start hemming rugs this week. Other obligations took more time than I'd hoped last week.
Today's a "spare" special added day. I'm hoping to get a fair bit done to make up for last week.
Until next week, keep weaving.


Theresa said...

Oh lookie! A new picture. Love it. This selvages look like something from "Where the wild things are" or maybe tribbles!?

Pammy said...

Where do you get the selvedges? I would love to order some.

Elizabeth Taylor said...

I have never seen this type of thing before. Is it waste from a factory & what does it look like in an untangled form? I would love to know a bit more about these rugs you weave from it all. Maybe you may have time for a blog post about it? It looks so interesting. Im pretty new to weaving & the group I belong to are always looking for new ideas.Loving your blog btw.xx