Monday, March 14, 2016

Four More

This time change is throwing me for a loop!! I wish they'd just leave it at one or the other. There are some places that don't change. My sister lives in Saskatchewan and they don't change. For her it's nice. She's not feeling a bit jet lagged today! We call quite often. As a result, we have to think about the time change. Saturday we were one hour different, not a very big deal. Today, it's two hours. So if I need to call her in the morning. I shouldn't call before 11am. In the evening if she wants to call me, she tries not to call after 9pm. That's why for years it was so nice that my Mom and I emailed back and forth. We could write whenever we pleased and the other read it at their convenience.

I got half of my black warp woven last week between other things I needed to do. Friday, I cut them off, hemmed and inventoried them.
I used the last of my black selvedges.
Tried to use most of my darker gray.

Added some lighter gray.
And, got into some color.
Saturday I drove to the Craftemen Loop in Gatlinburg and delivered 15 rugs.
I've got 4 more rugs to do on this warp. After that I do want to make some more so I have some on hand when these sell and she needs more.
Spring has arrived in East Tennessee! Yesterday we saw some pear trees starting to bloom. They only bloom for a short time, so I'm glad I saw it. Sometimes I'm stuck in my studio and I don't see things outside for awhile. Also, driving up I-275, at the overpasses, someone was very busy last year. Daffodils are blooming like crazy on all the exchanges. It's awesome, better than along Pellissippi Parkway where they planted daffodils years ago. I don't drive there anymore so seeing this new display of colors on this part of the interstate is just cheerful and uplifting.
I'm late heading down to the studio but that's where I'll spend my day. Wearing sandals instead of thick socks, maybe even turn on the fan, and wind my ski shuttles with selvedges, ready to go!
Until next week, keep weaving!


Tina J said...

Those dark rugs are beautiful! I am so excited about spring this year aren't you!

Bonnie said...

Very nice rugs. Would be hard to choose a favorite.