Friday, March 11, 2016

A very little weaving progress

I made it up to the studio earlier this week, and it felt really good!  The first order of business is a rethreading job.  Late last fall, just before the 2 shows in which our group has a booth, I had thrown on a warp of 8/2 cotton for bread cloths.  These bread cloths have stripes that meet in checks at the corners and a lace center.  The warp was wound onto the back beam with little difficulty and I proceeded to get the threading done, then through the reed and tie on quick!  However, when I started spreading the warp to get the weaving done, something was really wrong!   I had tried to take a 4 harness threading pattern and transfer it to a 6 harness loom, in order to use all the harnesses.  Somewhere something went very wrong!

That is where I left it, there was no time to rethread and weave it off before the shows, and after the shows there has been a string of surgeries and more recently a death in the family.  It is only now that it has all settled down, that I am able to think about tackling that mess.

I could have just rethreaded the center lace part, but I would have had to tie on a lot of repair heddles.  So I figured it would be faster to take most of  the warp out of the heddles, back to where all the madness began, and start over.

 I have taken out the plain weave section and I did a double knot on that last piece so that I would remember where to stop the lace threading.
This is where it is right now, life sure gets in the way doesn't it!

That is all the news from upstairs, maybe next week I can get this finished and get on with the weaving.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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LA said...

You'll get to it in worries! They are so beautiful when you get finished!!!