Friday, March 18, 2016

None Here Either!

No weaving here either this week!  Dr's appointments, Grandkids, errands, and Barn chores are taking the bulk of my time.  So the only crafty thing I am working on is something I can take with me, yup, knitting.

This is a shawl designed by Joji Locatelli, it is called "Ley Lines".  It is a paid for pattern that you can find on Ravelry, my go to place!

When I started knitting the shawl I had to look constantly at the instructions, I couldn't wrap my mind around what was going on!  However, it didn't take too long before I realized what was happening, and since then, I have only needed to look at the pattern when a change is coming up.

The yarn, I got from an estate donation.  Many times over the years, when we come to the Center on Tuesdays, someone has deposited a loved ones stash.

This yarn was in 10, 50g skeins and the tag on each one says .35 and it was bought at Hochschild, Kohn & Co. in Baltimore.  The only other thing on the tag are 2 numbers  5 and 43,  and that is it, no yardage, no suggestions for needle size, no care instructions,  it doesn't even say 50g!

I therefore had to get creative on figuring out how much yarn I had and would need.  This shawl is asymmetrical so that I need a lot more yarn on the increasing part, than I do on the decreasing part.  I decided that I should go to Ravelry and look at all the different project pages for "Ley Lines" for pointers.  There were a lot projects with good notes, on one of them I found that one person used less that 100g to finish her shawl.  On another persons project notes I found a suggestion I will use during the bind off.  Have I said I love Ravelry!  Of course when you look at the project pages, there are photos of finished projects, and I have to say I didn't see a single project that I didn't like!  In fact I saw a couple of colors used that I might have to use if I cast on another one!

Next week looks a little more promising for Studio time, I hope to get that Bread Cloth Warp rethreaded and maybe even get a couple woven.  That would feel really good, and it would give me something to blog about!

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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LA said...

It's a good thing you have your new knitting project to take along! That's looking really nice.