Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Live From East Tennessee

  Maybe that should have said, "Lively!"  It's always lively around the Studio on Tuesday.

  A conclave is a good way to get started.  Exchange greetings and ideas....catch up on the news.

  Linda and Anna found a few moments to chat while Linda was working on her mug rugs.

  Shirley had to catch up on a phone call, but soon got back to work.  Bonnie's dishtowels are speeding along as she uses different weft colors for each one.
  Ms. Ila finished threading her warp before lunch!!!

  Carl finished sleying the reed and started threading before he left for the day.  Yes....he warps front to back!!!

Jocelyn wound all the threads from her placemat bobbins getting ready for her next project:  waffle weave towels!

Take a look at that neat warp on the mill!!!  Jocelyn will get it finished next week.

Carol checked in with Betsy as she worked on her wool rug, and Sharon got busy with her placemat warp.

  Here is a better angle of Marie and her napkins!  The great thing about an eight shaft pattern is that you just change the tie-up and weave a different set of napkins!!!!

  Karin, Molly and Linda kept that side of the room humming with great weaving!

  Polly and Harriet got more strips cut for another rug.  A bright and bold sheet is great weft for a rug!

 And, you guessed it!  We got another donation!  After lunch, three sisters brought many boxes of their Mother's collection to the Center.  This lady must have had varied interest....but, you gotta love that button collection!

  Last....but, certainly not least....there was the great compost exchange going on in the parking lot!!!  (I'm surprised there were no blue lights!!!)
  Tina's little goats make some great compost for the garden...and that's just what Linda needs!!!  (I'm just glad I'm not riding with her this afternoon!)
  It's OK....just a different kind of FIBER!!!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

LOL, goat poop and mug rugs all in one post! What is that adorable little rigid heddles loom with stand? I should have used my warping mill for the warp I am ever so slowly getting ready for bath towels. Working at the speed of sloth....

Linda said...

Theresa, it is a Schacht 10" Cricket. This is my little traveling loom. I can even weave as my husband drives. I take it with me when we travel.