Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weaver Memes

Weavers really know how to strip!

 Weavers know how to tie one on!

  You can blame these on Polly!!!  It's amazing what goes through your mind while you're weaving!

  Here's a look at the new floor that was installed in the kitchen area of the Studio.  Today, we had two tables set up for table looms.  We have a group from a high school art class that will be visiting the Center in a couple of weeks.  The Potters and the Weavers are providing some activities for them to do during their visit.  Betsy was in charge of getting two table looms set up for them to weave mug rugs.

  It's really too bad they can't be there on a Tuesday when we're all there.  (Of course, there might not be any room for them!)  We have so many different projects on the looms.  But, they will get a chance to go around and look at the looms.

   Our other project of the day was getting the cabinets ready to be moved to the kitchen.  So many things get plopped on the flat surface (for lack of a place to put them.)  Karin jumped in and tidied the back shelves making room for stray cones of thread.   Also, the dyeing equipment was all put in one place....it's ready for Dye Day!


  There will be more beautiful scarves and shawls created for The Ladies to weave.


Shirley is just about finished with her scarf warp, and there might be enough left to weave a cowl.    And, here's a close up of Marie's napkins.  This is from the Strickler book, Number 47.  She started to sample, and just couldn't quit weaving!!!!
  I'm sure the Weavers will have many more memes for me next week!  And, who knows???  We might even have a kitchen again!
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

LouAnn, is that a wolf pup in one of the last pics? I have one on order and am curious to know if you guys like it.
Can't wait to see the new kitchen!

Tina J said...

I so appreciate the glimpse that Lou Ann gives of the doings at the Center. It is hard when I can't get there!