Monday, January 18, 2016

A Good Start

This past week I finally had time to get going on my curtain order. A lot of each panel is plain weave but with some overshot stripes. These are the taller window panels. They want them 60 inches finished so I wove them 85 inches. That gives me plenty for shrinkage, casing and hems. 
The double section of pattern is near the bottom of the curtain. I don't weave overshot that often so it's a change for me. Change is good, keeps me on my toes and makes for an interesting project.
Near the top of each of these panels I wove another small pattern area. The trick to it all is careful measuring as I weave. Planning first to know the exact lengths between each section is important. Once that's done, it's just a matter of moving the measuring tape as I advance the warp. It's crucial that accurate measuring happens. I measure with no tension on the warp.
I have another set of curtains that I'm weaving for shorter windows. In figuring out my warps, I ended up weaving half of the longer panels and some shorter ones. I thought I had plenty of warp.....
But I didn't. I was sweating bullets near the end but I just barely made it!!
Not much room at the beater, either! 
When I figured out this project, I decided to wind 3 warps.  Two of them to be identical length. However, with the close call on the first warp, I did add length to the second warp. I've begun weaving it and hope to get it done this week so I can do the last one next week. Life seems to keep interrupting my weaving time but I'll do my best to get the panels woven for the 12 windows.
We've got a real cold snap this week with temps going down to the low teens at night and mid 20s during the day. If we didn't have weaving tomorrow, I'd sure stay home and weave. However we do and we'll warm up that space with laughter and throwing shuttles. 
Tonight I think I'll make a pot of chili after weaving several panels. Then, pull on an afghan and read a book!
Until next week, stay warm and keep weaving!!


LA said...

I think this warp is just the ticket for this week! Might as well stay in and stay warm weaving!!!! The panels are looking GREAT!

Tina J said...

Boy, once you get started on a project you really get through it! It looks great!