Monday, January 25, 2016

Keeping On

It's been a long week of weaving as much as I can. I am 2/3 finished the weaving and 1/3 washed. So much more to do and not a ton of enthusiasm for it. I'm not much for weaving a ton of the same thing. However, knowing that I'm almost done certainly helps.
Last week I posted pictures of the longer panels. 
Here are the shorter panels. The will be 45 inches finished which means I weave 68 inches for shrinkage, casings and hems.
The pattern is the same only different. Same threading, different treadling.
Here's the bit I weave at the top.
This past week saw us on the very tale end of the huge blizzard that paralyzed the east.
Here's what it looked like Wednesday as the snow came down. It's hard to see all the flakes but it was coming down like crazy for awhile. We got about 3 inches.
Then that mostly melted with cold rain. I didn't bother taking pictures of what we got during the second wave....just over an inch. Just enough to keep me from driving anywhere. This morning it should all melt and we'll be fine until the next time! Weather in East Tennessee is so interesting. It changes a lot plus, depending on where you live, can be so different. Just 10 miles north of the center, they had over 10 inches of snow. We had an inch. Schools are all closed north of here today because of the snow. Our kids in Knox County get to go today! They only have 10 built in days for snow and they've already used 3. Should make for an interesting rest of the winter. They predict more snow in February!
I'm ready. I've got my weaving to finish. The last warp is on the loom, ready to thread. 8 more panels to finish. Then the washing, ironing, pinning and sewing to complete. Fun!!
I'm wondering how many of our Tuesday Weavers won't be able to get out tomorrow for weaving. Areas north of us got it so much worse. Those that are still stuck at home should be able to keep weaving on their looms. Weavers never run out of things to do!
Until next week, stay warm and keep weaving!

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LA said...

Thank goodness we had a beautiful sunny day!