Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Starting The New Year Right!

  What could be a better way to start the new year than adding a new weaver to our merry little group?????
  Say "Hello" to Michelle!  She came on the most perfect day to start weaving!

  It's our holiday Potluck Lunch Day!

There certainly was plenty for everyone!

And, there was plenty leftover when we finished.

They even went upstairs to the shop and invited folks downstairs to eat!!!!

  Just so you know, there was also a lot of weaving going on today, too!  You can even see the "Ladies" on the back row at their looms!!!!  The cabinets in the middle are for the kitchen re-model that will happen this month at the Center.  Right now we are just working around them!

   Ms. Ila finished her shawl warp.  She thinks this piece is large enough for two shawls!!!

   Tina finished winding on the warp on the little Macomber.  There was just one more tangle for her to fix before she finished, though.  Threading for those towels will start next week.

  Marie finished threading the big Macomber, and almost finished sleying the reed.  Darlene and Barb pulled the thrums off of Big Bertha....we'll be putting a new warp on the ole girl next week!
  Tomorrow, a bunch of the Tuesday Weavers are driving north to The Woolery for a little fiber fun!   Someone must have some Christmas money burning a hole in their pocket!!!!  Have fun!!!!

This was the best way to start our new weaving year!!!

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Theresa said...

That all looked so darn yummy! Welcome Michelle. I am so flipping jealous you are near the Woolery. Have a blast!