Friday, January 29, 2016

A Little Tool

There has been no weaving again this week, so if you are sick and tired of knitting, feel free to move on.  (Maybe next week!)  There has been knitting, comfort knitting if you will.  I deem a project comfort knitting if I can knit on it and it soothes my troubled heart, or calms my jangled nerves or lets me think on things other than what it going on in my non knitting life.  It seems when one aspect gets straightened out, a whole 'nother thing goes haywire!

Anyway, back to my knitting.  I am as I said last week knitting on 1 pair of socks, of which I am past the heel and making my way down the foot.  This is a good project to take along when I go see my Mother in law where she lives.  She loves to watch my progress, frankly I though I would never get past the heels, but I made it!  (I also have a lace hat cast on, but I haven't had a chance to touch it. )

My main project, my comfort knitting, welcomes me every morning to my day, along with a cup or two of coffee.  It is complicated, it is large, it is a long term project so speed is not a factor and it is just what I need right now to face my world.

Cable needle and Landfall in the sun!
In this project there are a million crossed and twisted running stitches,   at least 2 very large 8 stitch cables and a lovely simple background stitch.  When I first started out, I was trying to manipulate those crossed and twisted stitches, then putting them back on the left hand needle, using my fingers, then knitting them. (thinking I was saving time)  While I was able to do it, I was sometimes unsure as to whether I had put an extra twist in a stitch or not, or split a stitch and the dropped stitches began to get vexing.

I did this on both sleeves, but by the time I cast on the back of the sweater/coat, I realized that those large cables were going to need a cable needle.  At first I only used the cable needle on the big cables, then I began to use it on those crossed and twisted running stitches.  I was amazed at how much easier the rows went when I was sure that the  twisted stitches were not over twisted! My work looked more even, my stitches less crowded, and in general a much more pleasant knit.

This yarn by they way, a '70's worsted  from Germantown yarn, is fabulous!  It is toothy and robust, but not scratchy at all.  The color is magnificent, it changes according to the light it is in, now dark in the shade and now fiery in the sunlight as you can see.  The pattern once again is the "Landfall" pattern, a Sweater Coat if I ever saw one, from Veronik Avery, it is a paid for pattern that you can find on Ravelry.

I will continue to knit on every morning, and here is hoping I can get to the looms sometime soon, or I may have to take a sabbatical from blogging!

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

I'm so glad you've had your knitting along with you lately. What a great way to pass the time. The sweater coat is coming along nicely.

Theresa said...

How lovely, and the color certainly looks amazing even on a computer screen.
I love doing cables although my knitting mojo seems to have abandoned me.