Monday, January 11, 2016

Road Trip

Last Wednesday ten Tuesday Weavers took a road trip. We met at the center before 8:30 and headed north. The fear when planning anything this time of year is that we'll have ice or snow, especially going over the mountain into Kentucky. The weather was perfect. We stopped at the visitor center in Berea. If you've never been there, it wonderful. Not only bathrooms but a shop of all Kentucky made crafts. Temptation started early. Then our 3 cars headed up to Frankfort with a stop for lunch before we found The Woolery.
What a cool welcome waited for us at their door!! I'd called the day before to be sure they would be open. Everyone had a blast checking out everything. I am so glad that I don't spin and have decided that nuno felting is too hard on my hands. That narrowed my focus! We had several new weavers with us that were overwhelmed but found some treasures to take home. All but one person left with bags and the other one ordered something they were out of. If you click the link on the side of this page, you go to their website and can see what they have. It's hard not to be tempted!! We are great encouragers/enablers!!
We got back to the center just after 6pm. Not a bad day traveling with tons of talking the whole way, at least in the car I was in!!

So what have I been weaving? Well, I put on a short 2 vest warp using scrap balls of painted bamboo, left over bits of weft, mixed up colors, all wound into a warp. The first vest I wove pure black. Nice stripes in a mixture of color.

The second one I wove with a ball of painted bamboo. I had fun weaving this one, watching the colors as I went.

Both vests are going to be lovely but I'm partial to the second one, at least right now. I have divided my extra bits of bamboo and have 3 projects waiting to be done. Each will have to wait. I am weaving curtains. 
The lodge on Mount LeConte has curtains I wove beginning back in the mid 80s. Now I'm replacing them. This is the third year I've been asked to do this. This year I'm doing 12 windows. It's slow and not terribly exciting but measuring accurately as I go is important. I'll have pictures of them as I weave more. The pattern accent is different this time, but still red.
It's cold this morning, clear and cold. I'm glad to be inside getting some work done. They had talked snow yesterday but we didn't get any. Now there's a possibility of snow tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully it'll wait til we all leave the center and get home!! I hate to miss Tuesday weaving!
Til next week, keep weaving!

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LA said...

Can't wait to hear more about the trip! I'm sure there are some great stories!