Thursday, January 21, 2016

Staying Warm

  For the first time since Sunday, the temps got above freezing this afternoon!  That means that the snow that fell all day Wednesday got a chance to start melting.
  I took this picture yesterday from my front porch.  It was one of those snow storms that alternated between big flakes and the finer ice-like flakes.  The streets were completely covered...and stayed that way until early this morning when the snowplows came through.  With the sun shining and the temps going up, the lower part of my driveway cleared by one o'clock.  YEAH!

  I was ready to go, too!  With the next storm front on the way, I figure I'll be snowed in for the weekend.  Me and lots of my best friends were all at the store stocking up on just a few little things!

  I've got my weekend project underway....finally getting this pattern traced!  I thought I had found the perfect piece of fabric at the Center, but after I washed it, I think it might be too stiff for this project.  I'll dig back in my stash for another piece or two.  After all, the first one is the test project, right????

  Who knows....maybe I'll get the looms going again, too.  I could weave off that placemat warp that I did for my niece.  (She loved them, by the way.)  I think I have enough warp to do 4 more placemats.
  Let it snow.........I have plenty to keep me warm!

Happy Weaving!  (and sewing!)


Theresa said...

I hope you love that pattern as much as I do. I did have to do a few tweaks for me but not many. In fact I just cut into handwoven fabric for the lower panel. You'll see!
Have fun, stay warm!

Tina J said...

A great weekend to craft, whatever craft it may be!