Thursday, January 14, 2016


  HA!  I bet you were thinking that I was thinking about this kind of apron!

  Well, I do think about aprons a lot....but, not this time!

  Loom Aprons!  Does your loom have an apron?

  I'm making front and back aprons for a friend's loom, and it has got me thinking about them. 

  For instance, my 8-harness Standard Schacht has an apron on the warp beam, but these strings on the front! While I've got the heavy muslin out, I might as well make a front apron for this loom.  (Of course that also means I need to weave this towel warp off the loom!)

And, while I'm sewing, why not front and back aprons for the Baby Wolf?

My Baby Wolf came to me dripping nuts and bolts up the driveway!  It was partially taken apart, and shipped in two large boxes. 

  I learned a lot about looms as I put her back together again.  She had lost one piece on the back, but a friend of mine made another one and screwed it into place.
  Thanks to the Schacht website, I was able to lace the string-ties on the beams, and they have worked fine for me.  But, I think it's time to give her a little lift. 
  Then, I'll need to put a warp on her!

OH....I'd best get busy.  Aprons......

Happy Weaving!  (and sewing!)


Theresa said...

Lots of aprons here of both kinds! Have fun.

Maggie said...

I'll show you turned overshot if you'll show me how to make a loom apron! I've installed a purchased one, but never made one, and I need 2.