Monday, January 4, 2016

Right on Time!

It's winter here in East Tennessee but no snow yet. There's talk of snow in the next week but we're not holding   our breath! If this winter is like last year, it'll be February when we get a bunch. I certainly have enough projects if we get snowed in.
Something I really like about living here, especially after growing up in the Canadian prairies, is that things start blooming here early. Our quince bush is blooming, pretty much like most years. We had cut it way back a couple of years ago so it's just now growing enough to bloom. It makes the dreary, cloudy days look so much better.
Another very early, long blooming plant is the Lenten rose. In our front yard, this one is full of buds. I'm sure that in the back where they get more sun, they'd be in full bloom.
We did find a couple of blooms near the front door. Our yard is pretty natural with lots of plants that are perennial and like their spots. Someone, 60 years ago, planted some ivy in the neighborhood. Now it's everywhere. Not as bad as kudzu, it's still invasive. 
No snowdrops yet in our yard but in a week or so, we should start seeing them bloom.
I have cut off 12 placements now, mostly for gifts. Still plenty of warp left. I'll be set once they're done. It may be awhile before I get back to weaving them.
My newest project just got wound on yesterday. That white warp is woven and off the loom, ready to finish. This warp is incredibly short, just two vests. When I wind skeins for weft, I just guesstimate how much I'll need. I wind til I can just grab the thickness between my thumb and middle finger. I really need a yard counter! Usually, I'll get 2 vests out of one skein with some left over. I took a bunch of the odds and ends, divided them into piles and wound a warp out of one pile. 6 strands at a time made the warp a good mixture of color. I'll thread and hopefully weave it off today.
I hear curtains calling me. It's time to weave them the next couple of weeks. I'll probably put on 2 or 3 warps to get them done. I could have done them sectional but I hate doing that. I'm big on doing what works for me so I'll just do a bit extra work and be sure it's right.
No New Years resolutions here. Just keep doing what I'm doing. It's worked so far.
Until next week, keep weaving!

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LA said...

I have some blooms on my Lenten Rose, too! But, then, Lent starts early this year!!!