Thursday, January 28, 2016


  I wish I had a finished Top#64 to show you....but, it's still in the works.  I remembered too late to make the pockets larger (Theresa at are right, these are a wee bit small!)  I ended up using the heavy weight muslin for this first attempt, and I think it is working nicely.
  While JoAnn's had their patterns on sale, I stopped by to have a look.  I was looking for a men's cap pattern (no luck) but found some others that caught my eye.  At $1 each, this was a real bargain.
  I also got a bolt of pattern tracing material.  That should last me for a little bit.

  I emailed Theresa after her comment on Tuesday about our Wolf Pups.  We have five at the Center....they're great because they fold up so we can store them in the aisle between the big looms.
  I love my little Pups, too!  All three of mine have warps on them right now, which is the norm.  Scarves, placemats, mug rugs....they are great for those narrow projects. 

  Keep your fingers crossed that I can show you my top next week.  Who knows....maybe I'll have two to show!!!

Happy Weaving (and sewing!)


Theresa said...

I am so looking forward to that Top 64! It's a fun make and I personally love raglan sleeves. Looks like some nifty patterns. Love the bucket hat.
Those pups look mighty cute sleeping. But I'm betting when they are up they're busy. :-) Thank you so much for the info on them too LouAnn.

Tina J said...

Maybe next week I will have a finished skirt to show off! We can do it!