Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yep! It's Tuesday!

  It's 9:15 A.M. folks!!!!
  Carol moved back the starting time for Weaving to 9:30 since so many people were there early.  But, I arrived at 9:15, and there were already people waiting for Carol to get there and unlock the door!!!!

  My excuse for being so early was that I needed to leave the camera so they could take some pictures.  I needed to be at the Museum for the last day of Anderson County Days.....but, I would need pictures for today's blog!

  Here's how the day went..................

  Fiber on the hoof!!!!  Linda and Tina were working a fiber trade.  I think the little fellow went home with Tina.

  Harriet has graduated to one of the floor looms!  It looks like she's working on a scarf warp!

  She's been weaving up a storm at home!

  These are the towels from Cindy's warp that Andy wove off.  We're going to miss Andy...she has a new job and has to miss our Tuesday get-togethers.

  There are a lot of woven towels on the cloth beam on Molly's loom!  That is such a fun pattern to play with.

  Yippee!!!  Marie got a chance to sit down and thread on her napkin warp!!!!  She's almost finished.

    Anna wound warps for Dye Day which is later this week.  Betsy was busy winding a warp, too.  I think that table top mill is going to get a lot of use!!!

    Linda and Sharon just get it done........

And, as always, Carl keeps that loom humming.

  Winding on a warp.....who knew it could be so much fun????

Jocelyn introduced her friend...she knit her top...then crocheted the bottom part when she realized that it was too short!  Smart lady!!!

Darlene brought some woven items from Honduras to share with us.  LOVE those beautiful colors!

  Never a dull moment, that's for sure!  I'm looking forward to seeing some of the new dyed warps next week.......I won't be so early next time.

Happy Weaving!

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