Tuesday, May 26, 2015


It seemed to be all about the threads today.  As we head into summer and inch closer to fall, projects that had been on the back burner are starting to tug at us.  What thread should we use?  What's the sett?  What is that pattern?
  Sharon is working on a M and W threading in Dixon.  Betsy had used it to weave two stoles, which were beautiful.  And, there are different ways to treadle that pattern, which completely changes everything!

  You can just see Roz in the background....she's finishing up the scarf warp on the Wolf Pup.  There were 5 scarves on that warp.

  Then, there are the threads that need to be wound on the warp beam before you can weave.  Frieda and Harriet are finding out that it works really well when you have a friend to help!

  Linda is taking a break from the rug loom....weaving scarves on the Pup is just the ticket.

  It seems that we are always talking about weaving, and what we are weaving.  Ms. Ila had a lot to tell us about her "new to her" 8 harness Macomber loom....she really likes it!
  LaDonna got to be with us today, and brought along some of her new woven items for the June craft sale in Lenoir City. 

  And, there is always conversation about what to use for weft!  (Pat found that lovely yellow fabric in the shelf....wonder what it will end up in?)

Then, there is THREADING.............

  And, more THREADING..................

Yes......even more THREADING!!!!

Marie, Sharon and Jocelyn were kept busy at the looms today getting their warps threaded.  (Did you finish today, Marie?)

  That might even be a threading hook in Bonnie's hand!!!!

  Thanks to our librarians, Karin and Sharon, we can easily find books to help us discover even more creative ways to use all of these threads when we weave.  Great job, ladies!!!

Pat is using up her threads at home....she wove two sets of a dozen placemats PLUS napkins!  Her big ole basket was full of woven goodness!

  Weaving is the thread that links us all together!  Happy Birthday to one of our colorful threads, Marie!
  She even baked her own birthday cake to share with us!!!!

Happy Weaving (and playing with threads!)

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Theresa said...

Some pretty springy weaving going on there, love the bright green scarf warp. The denim rugs are looking awesome too!
Another fun Tuesday update!