Friday, May 15, 2015

New Arrivals! Halfpint Sized!

This week I had some unexpected new arrivals.  Some of you know me and know that I am expecting my Nigora doe to kid any minute, it's not that!  Let me tell you though, that I expect within 2 weeks we will have a couple of new little Nigora kids running around the place, or Kami just might pop!  So you can let your breath out, it's not that.

This week I finally received a spinning wheel that I bought last summer, and sent off to be refurbished.  It is a long story, but she is now here with a much needed flyer repair, new leathers and 4, count them, 4 new bobbins!  I will not tell you how much I spent for all this lovely work, but suffice to say that I will never be able to sell it for what I have in it.  (That happens sometimes.)

I bought this wheel because it is a very small wheel that I can take with me when I demonstrate spinning at the Museum of Appalachia.  It is a Mayville spinning wheel, and it was made in Mayville, Wisconson  sometime between 1835 and 1935.  The restorer that helped me with this wheel says that she thinks that it is one of the earlier ones.

After the turn of that century Frank Fell took over the wheel production from the Mayville company, so these wheels are sometimes known as Mayville/Fell wheels.  Though we think this may be a Mayville.

 You can see how much smaller it is than the wheel I am used to carrying around.   I won't even have to take it apart to put it in the car!  Lou Ann has a nifty red wagon that we use to move stuff from the car to the cabin, but still that big wheel takes up a lot of room.  I'm not big on naming my wheels, but right now I am calling her the little red wheel.  I'm creative that way!

One of the other good tings about this wheel is that it will be a good wheel for people to try to spin on, since it is a much slower wheel than the larger wheel I have been using, and with its slower ratio, I may even be able to spin some thicker yarn, that the larger drive wheels on the other wheels, make so difficult.
 Monday, while I was running errands, I got a  text from Linda.  It seems that she had decided to sell one of her goats,  This little goat is not as big as he should be at this age, (5 inches shorter than his brother) and his coat is not as long as it should be this time of year either.  (Isn't he cute!)
I told her that I would be happy to take him and see what I could do to get a growth spurt going!  I have some tricks up my sleeve, who knows, though, if it will come to anything.  (I need to take my tape measure out there and see how tall he really is!)

My flock is quite small, here you can see all 4 of them with the little guy in the foreground, which makes him look bigger than he really is!  We are at the point in the "getting to know you" phase of  socialization, of extended time together grazing, under supervision of course.  I don't want him to be stressed too much by bossy goats.

One of the fun things about this little guy is that he follows me around like a puppy when I am in the barn area!  The grandkids are going to love that!

By this time next month, I will have at least 6 goats maybe 7 bouncing around the place.  Maybe as early as next week, you just never know!

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

I can't wait to see Lil' Red spinning on the porch at the Museum! Congrats on your newest member of the flock!