Monday, May 11, 2015

A couple of things..

Not a ton to report on from the studio this week. I am slowly chipping away at the pile of things that I posted about last week. Weaving the red, grey and black warp was fun. I really like the combination of colors and the pieces end up so cheerful.
 The red softens the black nicely. I want to weave the opposite yet, with black the main color and grey and then red in the middle. It'll be nice to show the difference but that warp is way down the list. I'm not sure I'll get it done before the July show, but for sure by the October one.
 What's on the loom now? Black. Yes, just solid black. Am I excited? No. However, black sells well and I need to have that color as well so I'll spend a few days weaving black. I won't take a picture of it. Too boring. Just know I'll be watching season 8 of JAG and weaving....have you seen JAG? It's quite an interesting show. Not sure why we didn't watch it originally but I am thoroughly enjoying it now! Poor Lieutenant Roberts!! for those of you who watched it.

Saturday we went to the University of Tennessee Gardens. Each year on Mother's Day weekend they open the gardens and have a sale with vendors. We've gone once before but it's been years. So we went this time with no expectations. DH bought some flame azaleas, native to our mountains to add to our hillside. Some pink, some orange. They are beautiful! Friday he went to another greenhouse and bought a couple more hostas. The huge, huge ones. The leaves are massive and beautiful. We certainly have the room to display them. So evenings this week, he'll be planting them. He's also trying to get rid of wisteria. Remember the pictures I posted the last few years of the blooms? Well, if you're not careful they just take over everything and they have. So this year he's attempting to gain ground against them. I'm not sure who'll win but they are spreading all over our yard, not just staying in the woods.

I didn't expect to find anything at the show but in wandering among the vendors, several of whom are Foothills Guild members, I came across some unusual hostas. These are miniatures. As in tiny hostas.
 They don't grow any bigger. I bought 9 little hostas, all different!!
 The plan is to plant them in the 2 pots. They'll be on our deck year round. The deck is mostly in the shade, especially one end of it has no sun. So this is the perfect environment for them. In fall they'll die down and the pots will appear to be empty but in spring they'll come back. It really is the perfect plant for the deck. I'll have them near the chairs so we can enjoy them.
Each of them has a different name. You can see how small the plants are by the size of the tag next to them. I want to remember their names because they're really cute and if one of them doesn't come up next year I want to be able to replace it with another one. Just need to be sure to water all the plants out there. Wish the mosquitoes weren't as bad as they are right now....
So that's the latest from my studio. For Mother's Day, DH got my car vacumned and washed. I was thrilled! Hauling stuff around like I do, it's nice to have that done once in awhile!
This week I'm just going to keep weaving, sewing buttons on pieces, cutting, serging, assembling and maybe get to that inventorying that I need to do. Oh yeah, and this week the Tuesday Weavers are having dye day Thursday so Wednesday afternoon I'll probably go over there to help set up. That reminds me, I need to start winding skeins to dye.
Busy week!
Until next week, keep weaving!

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LA said...

Those small plants will work great in a dish garden! That will be lovely on your deck.