Thursday, May 14, 2015

She's All That

  You know see her in our Tuesday blogs.  She's either working on her tablet, checking lists, threading or organizing us to be more efficient.  Sometimes, she even gets to weave!

  But, did you know that she's been married for 48 years?  She's a Mom to three, a grandmother to five, and a great-grandmother to one?  Did you know that she got her accounting degree at the University of Tennessee when she was 40????   WOW!

  This is Marie on her very first day with the Tuesday Weavers.  That was September 11, 2012.  I wonder if she knew how much her life was going to change?

  She moved straight from the table loom to one of the floor looms.   And, it wasn't long until she had bought her own loom to use at home.

  Marie was no stranger to weaving when she came to us, though.  She had been weaving on rigid heddle looms for awhile.  She learned to crochet from her Mother when she was a teenager, and then learned to knit.  At Clinch River Yarn Company, she took up weaving with the rigid heddle, and came to us weave on a floor loom.
 Last summer, Marie led the Tuesday Weavers in warping up a whole bunch of mobius scarves on rigid heddle looms.  She even sold the one she was wearing at the Foothills Fall Show!!!!

  And, you can bet you'll hear, "Where's Marie?" when we have a mechanical problem.  She has her own tool box, you know!!!
  Puzzles.....she likes puzzles.  And getting everything in its place.

Oh yes, she's all that..........
     and more!!!!

Thank you, Marie!
Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Hooray for you Marie! Every gal needs their own tool bag.