Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back To The Warps

  It was back to business as usual today....strips need to be cut for a new rug.  Christy sat down to help Carl keep it rolling through the cutter.

  Molly headed back to her loom to work on another towel while Linda finished up the rug in progress.  (***More about that later!)

  Sharon provided us with some lemon cookies to keep up our energy levels.

  Tina worked on some jean tops (Christy uses the zippers and I use the back pockets.)  Ms. Ila enjoyed a cookie break before she got to work.

  Carol and Marie got to work helping Jocelyn get a new warp on Dorothy's Leclerc.  Threading will start next week.

Carol had Barb warping a floor loom today, and walked her through the steps. 

Frieda needed to wind another warp, and Betsy just wove away on the scarf warp.

It kinda looks like Shirley is dancing with her loom, doesn't it?  She and Bonnie worked on getting this warp on the loom.  That's another one of the painted warps!

  Meanwhile, we needed to get looms ready for the Kids Craft Camp in June.  Tina worked on this loom, and got it ready.

Karin worked on this loom while I got one warped on the counter.  (Space is often at a premium.)  Sharon had wound two warps for the camp looms.

  Linda finished the second rug for her Family Room at home, and they came off the loom.

  Here they are....side by side.  I can't wait to hear what her kitties think about them!!!!
  (And, isn't it amazing that her toe nail polish matches the rugs!!!)

And, speaking of rugs, here is one of the two rugs that Darlene wove at home.  Fantastic work!!!!

Christy got her painted warps rinsed this weekend.  Great colors!            

   Sharon joined us after lunch....she had book club this morning.  She's threading the little Leclerc for placemats.  That 60 yard warp should last for a little while.........

We need some help from YOU folks.....do you know what this is?  Or, do you know what it is used for?????
  It is adjustable.  It was part of a donation to the Center, and we are stumped on this one.  (Do we have it upside down???)

Happy Weaving!

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Anonymous said...

That device is an adjustable sweater blocker. It's upside down in the photo!