Monday, May 4, 2015


Today I thought I would show you what I have going on in the studio so you have an idea of my chaos! 
This stack of pieces is ready for inventory. Not all of them are finished, but enough so that I can sew labels in them, add inventory tags and put some of them away. The rest will go on a stack of extras to finish when I don't have new color pieces to work on, probably this summer.
This stack is actually navy, not gray. These are almost sewn. There are a couple of jackets I need to sew before all of them get buttons. Finding buttons in my stash is fun. Finding just the right buttons for each piece takes time.
This stack has been washed. I need to cut each piece now into the garment it will be and serge raw edges. I love my serger. Then they will be sewn.
There are 2 warps of red here. They are off the loom, waiting for me to change the serger thread to red and then I can serge all the pieces apart, fray check the ends, repair anything that needs it before washing and hanging to dry.
Going on the loom today is this red, gray and black warp. I should have it on and threaded by noon unless I get an interruption of some sort. Afternoons I usually spend at the serger or sewing machine.
I won't get it all done today. But, this is how I work with projects taking time to go through the whole system before I can put finished pieces away til I go to my show. It's all labor intensive.
Also, it's going to be a pretty week, nice and warm. We've begun bringing out the plants from the greenhouse and potting annuals I bought at Stanley's so I am a tad distracted. However, I have my work cut out for me!  Hmm, I think another trip to Stanley's is in order. I have an empty pot....
Until next week, hope you find some time to weave as well.


Tina J said...

Beautiful Carol! I love the variety!

Theresa said...

Beautiful weaving, but labor intensive is an understatement!