Friday, May 8, 2015

Anderson County Days Continue at the Museum

The visitors at the museum today were  eighth graders again today.  We were out there bright and early, so that we could be all set up by the time the students were let loose on the place.

 Yesterday you saw me sitting on the Peters cabin porch, so I thought I would show you my view of Lou Ann's Loom house that is off to my left as I am spinning.  You can just see the basket with my finished skeins and the woven scarves in the foreground.

The kids were great today, lots of questions, and for the most part they were eager to learn about new things.
 I finished this bobbing early on, and had to wind it off to start on some white wool.  All the wool that I spin at the museum, comes from the sheep on the property.  I have wool left over from last year when I took "all the fleeces" home.  This year I was a little more picky about which fleeces I took home and washed, cause there is no shortage of fleeces at my place!  Most of the fleeces have a high percentage of the Southdown breed which is a very springing wool that is easy to wash and to spin.  making yarn that is perfect for hats, mittens, sweaters and socks.  Every once in awhile, however,  there is a fleece that makes you smile!  It is usually grey, here at the museum, and this year it is a lambs fleece.
 On the home front, my husband has been away for about 2 weeks now, and I have been taking advantage of his absence to get a lot of very messy jobs done.  I am almost through with the museum fleeces and hope to have that completely done and put away by the time he gets back.
 Another task I took on this week is something I have been looking at for awhile now, and all the pieces finally fell into place for me to start, was designing a rug pattern for me to use while I learn how to hook a rug  using traditional methods.

The pattern I took from an old quilting pattern called "spools".  I got out my colored pencils and colored the pattern according to the colors of wool that I have on hand.
It is going to be interesting to learn something new.  I have a lot of the fabric strips cut and have done a little bit in the center of the design.  Like most things it is going to take some time for me to know if I like doing this craft or not.  It seems a little fiddly, but hey, I think I am a process girl deep down.

In a day or two you would not be able to tell the mess this place was in while he was gone.  I will be glad I was able to accomplish so much, in such a short time!

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

You've gotten a lot done on your punch rug so far. I really like the spool pattern.