Thursday, May 7, 2015

The View From The Porch

  My weaving friends spent the day on Tina's porch...I was at the Museum.  As I drove to Norris this morning, I was getting mentally set to interact with around 200 4th graders.  I sat down on the porch at the Peter's Cabin with my Inkle loom to finish weaving the strap that was on it.  When I looked up, this is what I saw.  They sure were BIG 4th graders!!!!  Come to find out, they were 8th graders!!!!  (And, there were 300 of them!!!)

  The Museum schedules four days in May for the 4th and 8th graders across Anderson County.  This goes along with the Tennessee history curriculum for those grades.  They had their scavenger hunt sheet handy, and had a lot of great questions about how weaving fit in with our local history.

  Tina and I were just at the Museum yesterday.  The Museum hosted the monthly meeting of State Trustees, and several took a tour around the property.  Tina had her wheel spinning away....she was determined to finish her bobbin of brown wool.

  I brought a chair out on the porch, and wove on the box loom.  I have a wool warp on it, too.

  I ended up today in the Loom House, since the kids' sheet referenced items that were in there.  I did finish my "spring" strap, and even got a new warp on the loom with a patriotic theme.  I think I will take cleaning cloths and work on the Rocker Beater loom tomorrow (YES...tomorrow is another group!) 
  Tina will have her spinning wheel, and it will be another lively day!

  But, don't tell Tina.....they had "Perfect Chocolate Cake" on the dessert table today.  I just couldn't pass that up!  Spinach quiche, green beans and hash brown casserole with sweet tea made a mighty fine lunch!  It's probably a good thing that I can't be there every day!

  On the home front, I have started winding on the 13 yard place mat warp.  Those pink things are the hand weights I use to tension the warp while I wind.  I would really like to start threading that this weekend!  May is already going so quickly...I don't want to end up missing my deadline.

  I'm already wondering....who will be at the Museum tomorrow morning:  4th graders or 8th graders???? 
  It doesn't really matter.....I'll tell them about weaving.

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

300!I bet you just about lost your voice! Good work, let's see what kind of trouble we get into tomorrow!

Bonnie said...

Ladies. When the two of you get together only good trouble happens.