Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grab Your Cup.....

.......and join our little group.  Ms. Ila made us some "Morning Glory Muffins" to start our day.  The coffee is fresh....or you could make yourself a cup of tea.
  These muffins might even be considered healthy:  carrots, apples, coconut and nuts!  YUM!!!

  The second day of the Weaving 2.0 class was in session.

There are always a lot of questions....which usually leads to more questions, right???  Weaving is a life long learning experience.

Meanwhile, in the studio, Marie and Andy installed the stroller kit for the Baby Wolf.  With all the folks in the other room, there was more space for working!  


  Once Andy got to work on the loom, it wasn't too long until she finished the towel warp.  Look how close she is to the back bar!  This was the last two towels on this warp.

  This was also a great time to get the new warp on the little Leclerc.  That's a 60 yard warp for place mats, and Tina had Sharon's new Leclerc tension box working like a dream.

  Linda was a able to weave on her rug warp even though we were kinda/sorta in her way.  The Leclerc had to be pulled out in order to place the yarn tree at the back side of that loom.

  I was finally able to get a picture of Ms. Ila's shawl being woven....the color change is beautiful.  She's using a brown bamboo weft.  (The warp is hand painted bamboo.)

  Yes....Marie is still doing book work.  She keeps a close eye on what sells upstairs in the shop.  Our basket of "one of a kind" mats have been selling really well.  Now we'll need to see if any more need to be moved.

  Next week, we'll be back to normal....whatever that is!  Two looms will need to be threaded, and just maybe....Marie will get to work on her napkin warp!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Bonnie said...

Well, ok. Everybody seems busy. I love Andy's towels. And Ms Ila's shawl, can't wait to see it finished. It seems Marie has the worse job of all----not getting to weave.