Monday, May 25, 2015


This weekend our internet is spotty so I am using my trusty iPad to post again. 
A week ago I had all these skeins wrapped in Saran Wrap, in buckets, waiting their turn. It's a long slow process of rinsing, letting them sit in the water for an hour or two and then wringing them out and repeating til the water is about clear. There were 13 skeins plus a warp.
Then the last soak in hot water with some retayne. It's such a relief to be ready for that!
This time I went for darker colors to go with some warps I painted earlier. I do like how they came out. The colors will blend nicely.
The fabric hanging below the skeins was supposed to be cotton but just have some synthetic in it because a lot of the dye came out. It's pretty, muted, and should be nice once cut and woven into a table runner but not at all what I had hoped for. Glad for plan B!
Getting ready to dye with the new skein winder is fun, having a few days to dye with friends is great but, boy, the anticipation of weaving these skeins into the warps is high. But first, have to ball those skeins! 
Weaving sure takes time! But, it's what I like to do and am thankful for the opportunity to do so.
The next warp is planned, yarn ready and an old NCIS in the DVD player, so here I go....
Until next week, keep weaving!