Monday, May 18, 2015


This past week we had dye days, Thursday and Friday. Thursday I brought my ipad. There were 7 of us  working all day on the projects for ourselves and  Tuesday Weavers. We used my iPad to check dye colors but did I take pictures? Nope. Friday I forgot the pictures. Oops!
I have a lot of skeins to rinse off. At least a dozen. The reason? We discovered LeClerc's skein winder. This metal winder is amazing. You can wind a skein in less than 10 minutes. A huge switch from the old swifts we'd been using!! I do love a new toy!!
My deck looks good now that I have most of the plants out of the greenhouse and I've potted the ones I bought.
The hot pink flowers in the box are perennial. I didn't realize it when I bought the plant several years ago. Now I replace the plant on the left each year with another annual.
The mini hostas are happy. I may end up moving them into a bigger pot in a year or two but for now they're fine.
My Mom and sister gave me the little statue of the girl and cat in memory of a loved cat, Remmy.
Love a happy plant!
Today I get to cut off that black warp I wove and put on a hot pink one. I'll also keep rinsing skeins and a warp...
Until next week, keep weaving!

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LA said...

Sounds like the new skein winder has already paid for itself!!! New toys are so much fun!