Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Homecoming: Day Two

Sorry this is late..........
I was getting ready to turn in when I realized that I hadn't posted these pictures from today at the Museum of Appalachia.

  Marie and Cindy started out the day at the Museum.  Roz came a little bit later and stayed most of the day.

Allan supplied supervision (when necessary) between the two cabins.  He also left for a wee bit to attend a building committee meeting at the Center.  This is one busy guy!

  I did have him look at the Rocker is missing two little pieces, and I think he can fix that for me!  Or, that should be that he can fix that wonderful old loom.

He also spent some time up with the mules in the pasture behind the cabin.  I'm not sure they appreciate him as much as we do.

I had a pretty steady stream of visitors in the Loom House all day.  We had some school groups this morning, but the afternoon was full of folks that were interested in Appalachian culture.

  Just how does a loom work?????

Let me show you!!!!

  I wasn't the only one showing folks just how weaving works!  The ladies in the cabin had folks weaving on the rigid heddle loom, as well as trying their hand at the straw looms.  This little guy had lots of questions for me in the loom house, and just look  at his concentration on the RH loom. who is have the best time?  (I'm thinking that Cindy really was the winner here!!!)

And, Marie finally got a free moment to enjoy her apple.  We were just that busy!

  And, from our vantage point on the porch, the musicians played all day on the big stage across from us.  We do have the best seats in the house!!!!
  We'll hit it early again tomorrow......stay tuned!

Happy Weaving!


Fran said...

Very nice posting; a nice fun day!

Tina J said...

I can't believe that I am missing all the excitement! Thanks for the pictures, I can almost taste that funnel cake!